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Welcome to my website!


As a composer the endeavour is to create a music which speaks to the listener in a language they understand. My music has a foundation of melodic structures and traditional harmonic progressions, with incorporation of novel compositional techniques that aspire to constantly push the limits of the music. This connection between traditional melodic language and the novel and experimental invites the listener to both follow along in this musical journey as well as discover something new, unknown and intriguing. My background as a keyboardist playing metal and rock has led me to use the drive, rhythms and energy from that music to be a noticeable aspect and a clear fingerprint in my musical expression. With a passion for finding the music of tomorrow and to contribute to the musical heritage left for the future I am through my compositions searching to find what is yet to be discovered in the realm of music, that which is still left unimaginable to us. 

Looking forward to seeing you follow along the journey!

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