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 Arcus (“arcs” in Latin) is a piece which basically is constructed in the form of an arc. This you can hear through its structure beginning in sheer and soft sounds followed by a growing energy driving forward to a clear highlight, then towards the end the music decreases into an atmosphere reminding of how the piece started. The core of Arcus is in the thought of the constant and relentless flow, in the ongoing and uninterrupted line. The piece represents through this expression humanity’s constant pursuit forward to development. Melodic lines, often they also have the shape of an arc in their melodic form, are important building blocks in this music. The flow of the music through Arcus is sometimes driven by how the melodic lines move through the orchestra, sometimes in how the dynamics of the piece grows or in rhythmical layers. Silence and the weak sounds are a significant aspect, as is how different instruments take solo roles with their individual voices.

Arcus was composed in 2020 on commission by Norrköpings Symfoniorkester, due to covid-19 it is still awaiting its premiere.

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