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About my relationship to my music

Describing musical composition to someone unfamiliar with the subject can be difficult. Composing is a very abstract thing, and the compositional process is individual to each composer. When talking to artists around me I have found that what many creative people seem to have in common is the search for the perfect creation. This is absolutely something that concerns me as well, however, with time I have worked on shifting the focus from chasing the feeling of the elusive perfection to a search for meaning in the music and the importance of the process. To me no piece of music is ever perfect, there are always things that could be different or “improved”. What I eventually have found to, in my view, be most important is the message and meaning within the music. I like to think of the pieces as perfectly imperfect, just like you could describe human beings. Precisely like us human beings the pieces have their imperfections, nevertheless this does not make them wrong.


   All music I compose and arrange, be it my own pieces or collaborations or arrangement, is deeply personal. Regarding arrangements I find it a truly special feeling to receive a piece of music which is to be arranged. It is a process started with curiosity and respect for this music, because to me it is living, breathing, it has a heartbeat and my concern is to create the best version of that music possible via the arrangement.

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