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Infra is a Latin word which means ”beneath/under”. The name was given to this piece because it expresses what lies beneath the visible surface of a person. Infra portrays this musically by its musical elements as well as in the form of the piece. This music has an inherent sense of unsettlement created by its sharp contrasts between what is calm and tranquil and that which is upset and tempestuous, between lonely solo melodies and powerful orchestral timbres. The string section has an important role in the piece with powerful and driving rhythms and riffs.

   Part of the inspiration for Infra comes from the feeling I experienced in Pierrot Lunaire No. 7 Der Kranke Mond, which has also inspired the character of the melodic lines and how these different melodic lines are weaved together and interacts with each other.

   Infra has a melodic theme first introduced in flute and high strings at the beginning of the piece. This theme then reoccurs throughout the piece, in different shapes and timbres as it moves through the instruments of the orchestra. Sometimes it is in its full form and sometimes only simple fragments are presented.


Infra was commissioned by Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra in 2019, and premiered in concert May 29th 2019

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